Dr Who Mini Figures

Dr Who Mini Figures

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Character Building Dr Who Micro-Figures are mini, collectible versions of the Doctor, his friends and his enemies. Each Series 1 foil bag comes with a different figure from the world of Dr Who - you won't know which one you're getting until you open it. The figures are roughly 4.2cm high and all except the Daleks come with a display base. If you're as obsessed as us you'll have to collect all 10 Dr Who figures . So look out for: The Eleventh Doctor (in blue shirt) The Eleventh Doctor (in brown jacket) Dalek Strategist (blue) Dalek Drone (red) Smiler Silurian General Restac Amy Pond Weeping Angel (serene version) Weeping Angel (screaming version) Cyberman Character Building Micro-Figures work with the other major brick brands and are suitable for kids aged five and up.


  • This is a single minifigure of the Cyberman

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