Doctor Who – The Brain of Morbius [DVD]

Doctor Who - The Brain of Morbius [DVD]

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Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen join forces for this latest classic Doctor Who release. And in The Brain Of Morbius, the pair find themselves on the planet Karn, where they encounter not only the mysterious Sisterhood, but also a scientist by the name of Solon.

Solon, it turns out, is a bit of a problem, as he’s busy trying to find the parts, Frankenstein-style, to put together a new body for Morbius. Morbius--you still following this?--is a once-executed criminal Time Lord, who now only exists in brain form. Hence, as you probably put together, The Brain Of Morbius, a story that digs into the Time Lords a little, and also makes for an entertaining four episodes.

The adventure is best taken in the spirit of old-style Doctor Who, as it’s a lot of fun, with the odd logic gap that you need to cut it a little bit of slack for. And, to be fair, some of the sequences really make the most of the comparably tiny budget, to very good effect.

Backed by an excellent supporting cast, The Brain Of Morbius is a welcome Doctor Who release, and an ambitious, engaging story from the mid-1970s. Coupled with good extra features, it’s well worth your time, whether old Who fan or new. --Jon Foster


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