Tardis Toys – A Plethora of Options

For those unfamiliar with the wildly popular science fiction show Doctor Who, the idea of Tardis toys is going to be completely foreign. For those that know their science fiction television, then the notion is not lost.

The actual device (in the show) is one of the most advanced technology pieces and is the main source of moving forward and back through time. Much like the telephone time porter that was in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Journey, here is one of the original time travel devices.

There have been few changes that have gone through the design of the Tardis, and while most haven’t seen the changes as drastic, others hearken back to the original days when the booth was slightly different.

For fans of the show, it’s not enough to watch and wonder, there is a need to collect Tardis toys and move forward with imagination at the helm. For those that love the show with great zeal, consider the following options in regards to purchasing a piece of the show for your collection:

  • High End – There are a few high-end options that a person can look at, and fans are going to love, but the cost is quite high. If you’re looking for authenticity, here it is, fully rendered like the show in almost every way. The only thing left out is the capability to travel through time, but that might just be around the corner.
  • Low End – On the lower end options, there are toy replicas that give a little more sound and light design, but lack the details and “realism” that the higher end models have. Look for these options to light up and include sounds of time travel from the show!
  • Diecast – Some options are not made of plastic or anything you’d think, they are made of diecast. These metal toys are definitely interesting, weight a little more, and resemble pieces you’d see in a display rather than something you play with. This might be the perfect option for those that are into the “collecting” aspect of the toys.

The above are just 3 options that you can find Tardis toys in. The amount of options starts there and flowers through a bunch of other items. It’s quite awe inspiring, how many options are available for fans of the science fiction time traveling showcase.

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