Amy Pond Figures – 3 Things To Look For

Many fans of the Doctor Who series were in an uproar when a sexy new companion showed up to accompany the Doctor in the eleventh incarnation of the show, but fan fare started to grow almost immediately after the traditionalists let their cry out.

Amy Pond is played by Karen Gillan and is a recurring character that was introduced during the first episode of the latest season. While her character is relatively new, she has garnered a great deal of fan fare in a short amount of time. That’s something more people don’t really get, since many of the other characters in the Dr Who universe took a little longer to gain such fan favoritism.

It wasn’t without complaint, so it’s interesting to note the dichotomy. When looking to purchase Amy Pond figures, make sure that you look for 3 distinctive things.

  • Standard Issue Amy Pond Figure – The first toy that was issued has Amy in her standard clothing. Boots, skirt, red shirt and a jacket, nothing too fancy, and classic 5” action figure style. This is one for the collectors to make sure they have their base set before going for the more elaborate issued toys.
  • Amy Pond Police Uniform Figure – The second thing you’ll want to look for is Amy Pond in her police uniform outfit. This option usually comes with an audio disc as a bonus feature, but is relatively similar to the aforementioned figure, only with her police uniform, ready for action.
  • The Doctor, Tardis, and Amy Pond- You can find a triple threat with all 3 main points of interest from the Dr Who universe in one package. You’ll get all 3 in a 5-inch format with a tardis that fits both characters. Amy is in her police uniform while the Doctor is dressed in his sports coat and ready to move through time.

The aforementioned are the 3 incarnations of the action figure at the present time. There are other options that will most likely be explored in the coming future, but as it stands, there are only 3 major ways to pick up the Amy Pond figures that represent the character this season.

Collecting all three options requires an open eye, and a steady handle on who has it in stock, as these toys go fast in modern stores. Many people are starting to watch the show and become fans, so when there are new Dr Who figures released, people jump at the chance to procure them.

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